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The Changing Face of Disaster Recovery

A good disaster recovery (DR) plan is like insurance.  Companies hope they will never have to use it. But what happens when a natural or human-induced disaster occurs?  Can the business recover operations in a reasonable time, if at all?  And what is the economic impact when they do?

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VMware vCloud Blog: Why Run Your Exchange Environment In A Hybrid Cloud Model?

By David Hill

VMware vSphere has always been a premier destination for virtualizing packaged applications like Microsoft SharePoint and Exchange. Being built on the same trusted foundation of vSphere, vCloud Hybrid Service continues to see the hosting of these packaged applications as one of the five common starting points to hybrid cloud.

I thought I would expand on this, specifically around why would you would host Microsoft Exchange in VMware vCloud Hybrid Service.

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Application Placement and the Business Value Chain

Several months ago I used a Data Loch Ness analogy to highlight a backup and recovery strategy for next generation infrastructure. I used the image shown here on the left to stress that large amounts of data shouldn’t be brought to the surface unnecessarily. The point of the article was straightforward: as data volumes increase, traditional backup and recovery (e.g. bringing data up to the backup server and down to the protection storage) won’t work anymore.

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New case study – @CoatsPLC migrated 7,500 users in 5 months from Notes to #Office365 @DellSoftware

Check out our new Notes migration case study!

To enable effective collaboration in its global business, Coats needed to migrate 7,500 users in 70 countries from IBM Notes to Microsoft Office 365. The migration had to be complete in just five months, without disrupting the business. Coats engaged InfraScience to help with the migration, who chose Dell Notes Migrator for Exchange and Coexistence Manager for Notes.

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