Hybrid Cloud Managed for You

Peter Lacoste

EMC has recently unveiled a hybrid cloud that can be up and running in 30 days or less using a simple, engineered solution called the EMC Hybrid Cloud 2.5. Developed using the lessons of many thousands cloud projects, we’ve refined this solution to ensure we are enabling our customers to speed their transformation to a third platform of IT.

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Great news! @DellSoftware #SharePoint products are now Microsoft #Azure Certified!

We’re excited to announce that Migration Suite for SharePoint and Site Administrator for SharePoint are now Microsoft Azure Certified!

In addition to being listed on the Azure web site, Migration Suite for SharePoint and Site Administrator for SharePoint are now available in the new Microsoft Azure Marketplace, where customers can search for and deploy thousands of third-party solutions to simplify the management of their applications on Azure.

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French Web Host Builds ARM-Powered Bare Metal Cloud

PARIS – The French government’s 2012 decision to give upward of €280 million to two companies so they could build cloud computing infrastructure that would keep French data within the country’s borders quite predictably upset a lot of people.

The government had hand-picked two firms, backed by massive IT vendors and telcos, and gave them a substantial financial advantage on the public’s dime.

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Building the Foundation for Agile Data Centers

The modern data center is the hub for cloud computing, virtual platforms, and of course, all types of new applications. The proliferation of BYOD and IT consumerization has placed even greater amounts of resource demands around data center platforms. Organizations and data center administrators are constantly looking for ways to create a more agile and efficient infrastructure. But where do they begin?

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Geodesic Dome Makes Perfect Data Center Shell in Oregon

Used to build everything from a planetarium in post-WWI Germany to mobile yoga studios at outdoor festivals today, the geodesic dome has proven to be a lasting concept for highly stable structures of any size. Structural stability is a valued goal in data center design, but the idea of building a data center shell using a spherical skeleton that consist of great circles intersecting to form a series of triangles – the most stable shape we know of – is novel.

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Data Lake, Data Reservoir, Data Dump…Blah, Blah, Blah…

As is typical from many (but not all) technology vendors, analysts and analyst firms, there is a rush to come up with the “right” name to which the technology vendors, analysts and analyst firms can claim origination honors.  It seems that this slide is trying to coin the term “Data Reservoir” – instead of “Data Lake” – to describe this new, big data architectural approach.  My response: who cares?

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NSA Exploring Use of Mineral Oil to Cool its Servers

Security secrets may soon be stored on swimming servers. The National Security Agency has been testing the use of immersion cooling for its massive data centers, dunking servers in tanks of a coolant fluid similar to mineral oil. The agency says the technology has the potential to slash cooling costs.

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New Crestron TSCW-730 Touch Screen Control System Delivers Complete “Control in the Wall”

Built-in Crestron 3-Series® control system provides easier, faster, cleaner installations.

Crestron announced today that it is now shipping its new TSCW-730 Touch Screen Control System, a complete, space-saving control solution in one elegant wall mount device. The TSCW-730 is the ideal control solution for modern décors and environments with limited space such as conference rooms and hotel rooms.

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