Bringing Hyper Scale-Out to the Masses: The Power of Open Optimized Storage

Mario Blandini is the senior director of product marketing, storage systems, at HGST, a Western Digital Company.

Data growth estimates by percentage may differ from one prognosticator to the next, but everyone agrees that more data will be stored in 2014 than was stored in 2013. So how will infrastructure scale to meet the insatiable consumption of unstructured data in the coming years? In short: optimization.

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What Kind of Cloud Buyer Are You?

Matt Gerber is Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing at 2nd Watch.

If your company is experimenting by migrating a single application to the cloud, there’s no need to reinvent processes. But what if you are looking to move entire departments of users and applications to AWS or Azure? That can mean a full-scale transformation of IT operations.

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How DCIM Improves Planning and Cuts Operational Costs

Your data center has become a critical component of your business. So much so that many business initiatives are actually planned around the capabilities of IT. The emergence of cloud, IT consumerization, and a lot more data have forced the data center to evolve and support new demands. Through it all, data center management and control sit at the top of an administrator’s task list.

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